Muzzy Pep’s long hiatus and the new album

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AS THEY WERE: Muzzy Pep, pictured in 2003, are Nick Munnings, Scott Blackley, Errol Moyle and Luke Bennett.THEY were the band that could not be bothered breaking-up. It’s now about seven years sinceMuzzy Pep playedtheir last gig and they say they cansee little pointin breaking up now.


So instead Muzzy Pep is getting back together –not that they actually disbanded, obviously.

“By the end of 2003 we had decided to take it slow, our most successful decision to date,” bass player Nic Munnings explained.

“Save for a handful of shows to celebrate the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, we have taken it so slowly that most people assumed that the band had broken up.”

Learning the old material involved way “too much effort”, Munnings said.So to kick things off again they have written a whole lot of new songs, andthere is a new recording to boot.

The Muzzy Pep line-up also includes Scott Blackley on vocals and guitar, Errol Moyle also on vocals and guitar and Luke Bennett on drums.

Munningssaid the comebackwas a matter of “unfinished business”. Despite releasing two EPs and two full-length recordings the bandfelt it had never captured its sound on a recording.

“The last record we made back in 2003, we didn’t enjoy making it that much,”Munnings said.

“We didn’t have a drummer …we had to piece it together and that’s not how you make a record.

“We did a lot of touring after that and especially with Luke in the band we got a real sound and we always resented the fact we never managed to get that sound on record.

“Around the time we did our reunion tours back in 2008 we said it would be great if we could make a record that actually captured the sound of the band,” he said.

Muzzy Pep’s extendedhiatus was because the band had “worn itself out”.

“Touringseems very glamorous, but unless you are at a good level of success …it is hard work,” he said.

“The money you make at one show, you will use to pay for petrol to the next show, that kind of thing.”

The new albumCyclicis comprised of 10 tracks and will be released digitally in the coming weeks, but will also be pressed to CD.

It was recorded in Sydney’s Linear Recording Studios with Nick Franklin at the helm. The band saidit nails their sound.

“We recorded all the basic tracks in seven hours, one shot, we knocked everything over,” Munnings said. “We went back and added a few sparkly bits …but there is no sneaky edits, what you hear on the record is what went down. It sounds like we sound,” he said.

Muzzy Pep will launch Cyclic on June 10 at The Stag and Hunter Hotel, Mayfield.

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