Creator Incubator launches art space

SCULPTED SPACE: Braddon Snape inside the Creator Incubator.NEWCASTLE’s newest collaborative art space will open its doors on Saturday when The Creator Incubator blasts off with its first exhibition.


The new Clyde Street space includes an exhibition gallery, workshop area and enough studio space for as many as 13 artists.

It is essentially a large warehouse with loose divisions between the artist’s studios. The mezzanine area which looks down over the studio has been dubbed “the painter’s loft.”

The artist operated studio and gallery is the brain-child of renowned sculptor Braddon Snape and is now home to 10 Newcastle artists.

“We have been populating the space since the beginning of January,” Snape said.

“Graham Wilson was the first to come on board.”

He has since been joined by Dale Collier, Gavin Vitullo, Szuszy Timar, Ana Saiao, Bridie Watt, Lyndal Campbell, Sally McDonald and Carl Matthews.

Snape was driven to open the studio to provide a space whereworking artists could feed off one another.

“Collaborative workspace is a bit of a buzz word at the moment,” he said.

“There was also alittle bit of selfishness in there too – when you are working alone in your own studio, particularity as a sculptor, sometimes you need another pair of hands to lift something,” he said laughing.

However, he acknowledgedworking alone canbe an isolating experience.

“Everyone will tell you, working tucked away on your own in a studio, it can get lonely,” he said.

“There are conversations going on in here about each other’s work, it’s kind of invaluable and breeds a really exciting kind of vibe.

“It’s also about getting the right people who will contribute to the community.”

The space has 24-hour access for the artists. The gallery is open to the general public from Thursday to Sunday each week between midday and5pm.

The exhibition opening is at 5pm, May 6.

The Creator Incubator is located at 15/A 50 Clyde Street, Hamilton North. It is at the back of a long row of industrial warehouses.